Beyond just a punching bag : A talk with Ashwath Narayan

by Guddugurki Anju Rao

“People prefer voting for a party to its candidate, but Modi’s influence at the national level is an exceptional phenomenon,” said C.N. Ashwath Narayan, veteran BJP leader and Member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly, in the absence of his party’s MP candidate, here on Thursday.

He represented P.C Mohan of Bengaluru Central at the Times Now India Election 2014 discussion at Kanteerava Outdoor Stadium, speaking what was necessary for a blooming lotus. Known for his transformative plans of action towards his assembly constituency Malleswaram, Mr. Narayan understands the need for inquiry and clarity. The Political Action Interns caught up with him, talking about the nuances and limitations of the political system.

Inters interacting with Prof Rajeev Gowda and Dr Ashwath Narayan

Inters interacting with Prof Rajeev Gowda and Dr Ashwath Narayan, BJP MLA

The government is the pillar of the state, a formation that is always present while the parties and ideologies in power may change. Along similar lines, the divide between bureaucracy and political parties can be understood as Ashwath Narayan raises some though-provoking questions words, “Can an MP make much-awaited changes in infrastructure at his discretion without the approval of administrators? Is he the only man running the show? On the other hand, can an MP take complete credit for successful development in his area?” These are significant questions in job-role ambiguity that the general people seem to have, unaware about hierarchy in the system, thereby relegating of MPs to easy punching bags. “MPs are only debaters and facilitators, not executors,” he said.

Nevertheless, one could feel vibes of political dialogue over development, almost instinctual to the way Mr. Narayan expressed his priority as an MLA saying, “One must concentrate on the accountability of revenue with a logical path to inflow and outflow and citizen participation as part of a specific and important vision, rather than grand and unrealistic ones.”

To an important futuristic concern, rather fear about the unpromising part of the BJP in Karnataka, splitting into smaller factions, Mr. Narayan talks real about the nature of the system: “Differences are born to the game of politics. We must make sure that we do not escape from responsibility and own up to our positives and negatives, which can only happen with strong political will and leadership. Modi is one of the biggest solutions in this favour.”


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