Candid talk with Mr Anand Sharma

by Mahim Kamath

Fullscreen capture 11042014 24245 PM

“You don’t become a strong leader by using strong adjectives. You have to be strong in philosophy, conviction and ideology.”

Truly, an apt description of what a political leader should be made of! We the Political Interns were lucky enough to get an opportunity to witness a live Press Conference that was held at the KPCC office by Mr. Anand Sharma, Union Cabinet minister in charge of commerce, textile and industry.

As the elections inch closer, with all top parties swinging into an overdrive mode, preparing themselves for the BIG day, it is only right and just to defend the baseless and unsubstantiated allegations made by the opposition. Mr. Sharma spoke about the richness of the ideologies of the INC brought around from the time of Nehru-ji.

Mr. Sharma wasted no time in disclosing some startling facts pertaining to a particular individual who is touted to be the next leader of our beloved nation.  He said that, “the party believes in majoritarianism and promotes the dangerous personality cult of the RSS.” The opposition’s manifesto wasn’t spared and it was accused of being politically plagiarised.

We were also lucky enough to be able to interact with Mr. Sharma and click a few photographs with him. He was quite pleased to note that we youngsters have taken a keen interest in learning politics through this wonderful internship and he also stressed on how important it is for us, the youth, to be a part of the greater picture.

In conclusion, amidst all the hoopla surrounding the upcoming elections, it indeed was an excellent opportunity to witness the blame-game live! Mr. Anand Sharma undoubtedly is an excellent orator, but, he along with all other standing Members of Parliament will be facing the heat come this General Elections.


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