A Tryst with Politics

By Deepika Burli

Personally it never occurred to me as to how much Politics could grip my attention. I’d always been a firm believer that the field had nothing to offer me apart from the daily tamasha that the media provided. However, being a student of journalism and having set my course to pursue the same, there was always a nagging thought that I need to know a little something about every aspect of it. Politics, for the better or for the worse was one of those aspects.

Joining the Political Action Internship was, to be honest, a spontaneous decision. I had no idea what was going to happen in here, or how much I would learn, but it was one name that caught my attention- Prof. Rajeev Gowda. Having heard and read a lot about him and the internship itself, I was hoping that this would be the platform to get me the closest to Politics.

So when I walked into Studio Chaapé on my first day at the internship, I only knew that this was going to be a completely different experience when compared to the other internships I was a part of. The best part of it all was that the 3 week long journey had so much to provide that surpassed all my expectations. In these three weeks, I came face to face with politics in a manner that not only amazed people I would hold a political conversation with but surprised me with respect to the knowledge I had gained as well.

Experiences I’ve had at the internship are inexhaustible and today I am able to understand at least on a more basic level about how complex and intricate the political system is. A well-structured module worked out by an extremely active team of co-ordinators made it so much more fun and exciting for us interns and it was for this that we came back each and every day.

Whether it was campaigning for Congress candidate Rizwan Arshad, attending three absolutely interesting B.PAC’s Candidates meet the Citizens events, creating voter awareness among public around the city, visiting the Congress and BJP offices or volunteering at the Polling booths on the election-day, PAI gave us the much needed exposure to the entire political process. The Political Action Elections which was a two week long event was a completely different experience in itself. Forming a political party, naming it, setting the ideologies, making the manifesto, electing a candidate and persuading people to vote for our party were, in a nutshell, the activities that brought us closer to politics.

For all it was worth, joining the Political Action Internship was by far the most fruitful decision. The overwhelming journey until the day of the elections was something I had hoped for and it was here, under the mentorship of Prof. Gowda that I gained an extremely neutral and strong perspective with regard to whole lot of the activities that go on at the political front.

Being a Political Action Intern and involving myself in this kind of a venture has opened new doors to understanding and analysing politics. Although the scenario given to us was more or less sugar-coated, the candid talks we had with the many personalities from the field gave us a clearer picture.

It is hard to accept that this journey like every other has to come to an end, but learning more about politics is a never ending experience and I am grateful to the Political Action Internship for having kick started this learning process for me and many others.


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