A visionary extraordinaire, an interaction with Prof Babu Mathew

by Mahim Kamath

Imagine a city, our city of Bengaluru, free from the terrible water, land and garbage mafia, free from all kinds of middlemen, free from corruption! This, in a nutshell is precisely what Prof. Babu Mathew envisions for our beloved city.

Prof. Babu Mathew is a Science Graduate who went on to do his Masters in Law with specialization in Labour Law and Administrative Law, securing First Ranks in University for both the subjects, followed by an M.Phil., from the NLSIU at Bangalore. He has taught law at the University Law College, Bangalore and served as a faculty member of the National Law School for fifteen years. He was also Professor, Registrar and Chair of Juvenile Justice studies and the founder of the Centre for Child and the Law at the Law School. Being a grass-roots social activist who knows the real issues and his immense experience in the practice and teaching of Human Rights, Prof. Mathew decided to jump onto the political bandwagon, with the goal of accomplishing and achieving something that the city has been craving for long- accountable and transparent governance.

Contesting from one of the largest constituencies in the state of Karnataka, Bangalore North is truly a daunting task- especially for a first-timer! Although his competition is rather stiff, with seasoned politicians like C. Narayanaswamy of the Congress and ex-Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda of the BJP competing against him, Prof. Mathew’s stance is clear. Being one amongst the people, he has decided to fight for the people. When questioned on what to expect of him, we were promised complete transparency and accountability in whatever he does, easy accessibility to him with regular visits to the constituency, stricter measures for women safety, reservations for minorities, establishment of shadow corporators, laying of better roads, clean public toilets and also an initiative that involve citizens to work with politicians to brainstorm and find solutions for the various predicaments that we encounter.

“I do believe Bangalore is a city filled with brilliant individuals who are experts in various fields, what if we gather these experts, brainstorm and work out solutions for all these problems that we face?!” It is very important for us citizens to actively participate as we cannot always completely rely on the politicians to solve all problems. Being an avid humanitarian, he strongly believes that socio-economic differences between rural and urban areas must be abolished in order to promote equitable development. He has also promised to form a working group on human rights.

With a promise to fight tooth and nail against corruption and a mission to continue in politics irrespective of the results this elections, we wish Prof. Babu Mathew the very best.


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