The BhaJaPa experience!

Since Political Action Internship is a platform to provide a very apolitical perspective to all interns, they were provided with a chance to visit the Jagannatha Bhavan – BJP Office in Bangalore City. Here, they interacted with the campaign and advertising team of BJP. Mr Malthesh Bhat and Ms Aparna Patwardhan discussed with the interns, how important it is to be actively advertising in order to be heard. This also provided a window for interns to learn how different parties strategize their ad-campaigns.

Mr Bhat said: “From the creative side, we hardly spent anything. Every advertisement was conceptualized in house.”


The interns also witnessed Mr Sadananda Gowda, BJP MP candidate for Bangalore North and the former Chief Minister of Karnataka, rally in Malleshwaram.


While interacting with the interns at a National News Broadcasting channel’s talk show, Mr Ashwath Narayan, , BJP MLA in Malleshwaram Assembly Constituency, Bangalore, said:

“Differences are born to the game of politics. We must make sure that we do not escape from responsibility and own up to our positives andnegatives, which can only happen with strong political will and leadership. Modi is one of the biggest solutions in this favour.”

Known for his transformative plans of action towards his assembly constituency Malleswaram, Mr. Narayan understands the need for inquiry and clarity. The Political Action Interns caught up with him, talking about the nuances and limitations of the political system.

Inters interacting with Prof Rajeev Gowda and Dr Ashwath Narayan

Inters interacting with Prof Rajeev Gowda and Dr Ashwath Narayan

Blogs by interns:

Beyond just a punching bag : A talk with Ashwath Narayan by Guddugurki Anju Rao



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