Crime and politics

30% of politicians have pending criminal cases and about 14% are fighting serious charges like murder, rape, forgery, inciting hate and dubious deals


M Bhargavi Raman, a Lawyer and NLS Alumini

The active participation and presence of criminals in Politics is indeed a setback to the entire democratic system in the country. Considering this fact, the Political Action Internship conducted a session which gave the interns closer to the flipside of the political world.

Sharing a talk with all the young interns, Ms Bhargavi Raman, Advocate and PAI Co-ordinator journeyed through the jargon of the multi-crore scams and criminalization of politics. All interns were engaged with Ms Raman in this two-hour long conversation during which, they came across some startling facts and figures pertaining to Criminals in Politics.

Coming from a Law background, Ms Raman also shared the provisions and amendments made to help clean up electoral processes in the country. She illuminated The Representation of Peoples’ Act and gave an in-depth description of how sub-section 4 or Section 8 of the Act was significantly declared unconstitutional.

“The presence of criminals in politics has become a matter that concerns all citizens. There is a lot more to this black spot in our political system which cannot be determined until serious action is taken to probe into it,” stated Ms Bhargavi Raman.


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