Interaction with the new party on block: AAM AADMI PARTY!

Political Action Internship is not just all about serious politicking; it definitely gives way to enjoy the activities of politics as much as possible. With this notion, our interns were encouraged to participate in the Dance against Corruption conducted by Aam Aadmi Party in Brigade Road, Bangalore. It was an experience of a kind for it was a completely different campaigning style our interns had been exposed to.

aap dnce

Amidst a pool of AAP supporters at Brigade Road, Bangalore, Political Action Interns participated in ‘Dance Against Corruption’ flash mob. “Campaigning through dance was a completely different experience. We generally don’t get to see such types of rallies but being a part of it in itself was the best part,” Neha Agarwal, Political Action Intern

The interns interacted at length with Prof Babu Mathew, theAam Aadmi Party MP Candidate from Bangalore North.

“I do believe Bangalore is a city filled with brilliant individuals who are experts in various fields, what if we gather these experts, brainstorm and work out solutions for all these problems that we face?”

Prof Babu Mathew, discussed the importance of being one amongst the people and fight for the people. Political Action Interns interacted with him and were answered to on the basis of transparency and accountability, easy accessibility, women safety, reservations for minorities, establishment of shadow corporators and also an initiative that involve citizens to work with politicians to brainstorm and find solutions for the various predicaments that are encountered.


Prof Babu Mathew interacting with interns at 'B-PAC's Candidates Meet the Citizens' series

Prof Babu Mathew interacting with interns at ‘B-PAC’s Candidates Meet the Citizens’ series

Political Action Interns were given an opportunity to interact with AAP spokesperson Mr. Prithvi Reddy during an event hosted by Doordarshan. Mr. Reddy provided an insight into how the party has been doing and what are the chances for the same. He also highlighted the difficulties faced by the party on the monetary front, but was optimistic that candidates could make-do with limited funds and even then gain popularity.

“Even if AAP doesn’t stand a chance this time, we have been quite successful in inspiring other parties to only include clean politicians and candidates in their parties,” he said.

Zeeshan Patel has prior experience in working with Aam Aadmi Party, Karnataka’s social media pages

Zeeshan Patel has prior experience in working with Aam Aadmi Party, Karnataka’s social media pages

To gain a better insight on the dynamics of the social media usage in the current elections, Mr Zeeshan Patel, Social Media in-charge of Aam Aadmi Party and an intern at Political Action Internship shared his experience with us. Zeeshan interacted with the rest of the interns on how a social media page should be run, at exactly what time should each post be published on the page, how many posts would be published in a day and finally, how important is it to ‘Share’ a particular post.

“It is very important to understand viewers’ perceptions while we post anything on our Social Media pages. We need to keep in mind simple facts like at approximately what time people would come online and view those posts to ensure greater reach,” mentioned Mr Patel.

Blogs by interns

A visionary extraordinaire, an interaction with Prof Babu Mathew by Mahim Kamath



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