De-coding the Manifesto!

While at Studio Chaapé our co-ordinators were productively using time to conduct various discussions with interns. These interactions catered for a better understanding of concepts that govern the political process. The agenda was to generate through these discussions, a variety of ideas and get to know how the younger India perceives electoral routes.

Under the expertise of Mr Ajit Phadnis, Ph.D. Student from IIMB and an advisor to the Loksatta Party, Karnataka, interns were given a chance to analyse National manifestos presented by different parties ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections. They discussed the merits and demerits of manifestos and decoded the national parties’ election agenda and vision. With the help of Mr Phadnis, interns were also given reliable inputs to follow while creating their own fictional party manifestos.

Mr Phadnis interacted with the interns at Studio Chaape

Mr Phadnis interacted with the interns at Studio Chaape

The session conducted was to take the interns a step closer into the depths of Electoral activities. A Manifesto, as we know, is more like an identity that a political party assigns to itself in order to make clear to the citizens as to what its ideology and vision is.

But there was more to just defining the concept of a Manifesto. Along with PAI co-ordinators,  Ms Priyashree Andley, Mr Venkatesh, the interns went on to analyse the relevance of a manifesto, the difference it creates in the minds of voters and if it can have a constricting effect on the party. A pool of opinions from interns determined how a manifesto in today’s generation is highly irrelevant since not many resort to reading through all the pages. However, a few interns believed that manifestos are very important in order to facilitate a more accountable government to the citizens.

Analysing and contrasting the National Manifestos of BJP, Congress and AAP, interns were able to channelize priorities set by each party and the aim and mission that it stood for as well as how each party chooses a different methodology to tackle a particular issue.


Blogs by interns:

Decoding the MANIFESTO! by Medha.M.Ghatge



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