Interns together with Nandan!

From the very beginning of the internship, our interns were associated with the Together With Nandan Team in executing door-to-door campaigns for Nandan Nilekani around South Bangalore. This provided our interns to interact with many professionals who devote their time to campaigning in spite of their busy work schedule and also learn a different form of campaigning by visiting various homes and urging them to vote for a better candidate.

“Wherever we went, residents were very receptive and happy that we were going around and promoting Mr Nandan. A few of them also asked if they could help us out with these campaigns.” Mariam Daniels, Political Action Intern

Collaborating with Nandan’s team, interns volunteered at various Polling booths across South Bangalore. They were expected to help out at the voter registration desks by using the Application designed for voter verification. Along with this, they were also required to engage in voter awareness through which they would ask residents in the area to cast their votes. The initiative taken by our interns and the help they rendered at the desks were well appreciated and served as a great learning experience for them.

“Interacting with so many voters and other party workers gave me an entirely new insight into how and what people think when they set out to cast their votes. Volunteering at a polling booth was by far the best experience I had at PAI.” Deepika Burli, Political Action Intern

Interns volunteering at  poll booths in BTM layout, Bangalore

Interns volunteering at poll booths in BTM layout, Bangalore

Blogs by interns:

Poor Voter Turnout! Who is to blame? by Deepika Burli

The Democratic Darwaza  : An Intern’s Experience by G Anju Rao


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