Understanding Lokniti with Prof Shastri

Prof Shastri explained the dynamics of Lok Sabha elections to interns gathered at Studio Chaape

Getting a peak into Lokniti’s work draws from the rationale of answering a range of questions about Indian elections, Prof Sandeep Shastri believes that the network of 35,000 youth led by 60 experts in 28 states of the country is credible in its post-poll data collection, as the Hindu and The Economic and Political Weekly often quote their study. “It is an authentic mirror of the larger population since sampling is done on strict probability,” he explained.

Mr. Shastri took his audience at Studio Chaapé through the evolution of the National Election Studies. From first generation centralised control to second generation dependence on media to third generation thematic focus and decentralisation in survey methods, Lokniti stands today at its sophisticated best.


Blogs by interns:

Behind the Tendulkar-Gavaskar Syndrome : Prof. Sandeep Shastri by G Anju Rao



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