Understanding the ‘Art and Craft of Practical Politics’

To understand the various verticals of the Lok Sabha election and the Indian constitution better, the interns had various guest lectures sessions from eminent speakers.

  • Mr Harish Narsappa, co-founder pf Daksh

    Mr Harish Narsappa, co-founder of Daksh

HARISH NARSAPPA, Co-founder and President of Daksh:

Placing great emphasis on voter perception and opinion polls, Mr Narsappa conducted an interactive session with the Political Action Interns. The latter were given an insight into how various types of Data Analysis operations worked and were told how myths regarding voter patterns like differences among the rural and urban population, influence of distribution of gifts, have been proved to be incorrect.




N. HARISH, Advocate and Member of B.PAC:

Reading out the Preamble to the Indian Constitution word to word from his mind’s eye, Mr Harish left the Political Action Interns stunned to the point of realisation that there is a lot to learn. Explaining key concepts in and around the Constitution of India, Mr. Harish made the latter seem the most comprehensible object of study. A repository of accurate knowledge, he disseminated myriad historical and legal facts to the interns defending the lengthiest constitution in the world.

SRIDHAR PABBISETTY, Chief Operating Officer of the Centre for Public Policy, IIM Bangalore and member of Lok Satta party:

 As Election Day drew closer Mr Pabbisetty was invited to interact with all the interns and to give them a broad knowledge about opinion polls and its impact on voters. He also shared with them his experience of contesting the Assembly Elections in 2013 from the Lok Satta Party.

Interns with Prof Gadi

Interns with Prof Gadi

PROF GADI ARIAV, Associate Professor at the Recanati School of Business, Tel Aviv University, Israel:

“The constant turmoil that the Indian government goes through is common to any country whether it is a Democracy or not.”

On the last day of the internship, all the Political Action Interns were given an opportunity to understand the politics of Israel. Prof Gadi from the Tel Aviv University provided valuable knowledge about how different Israeli politics is different from that of India’s as well as how some aspects of politics like dilemmas and disagreements are faced by every nation’s government.


Blogs by interns:

Indian Law: An inevitable necessity in its politics by G Anju Rao



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