PAI 2014

PAI 2014

The Political Action Internship will provide an insider’s look into the political process this Lok Sabha Election. Under the mentorship of Prof. Rajeev Gowda, interns will learn the “Art and Craft of Practical Politics.”

The Political Action Internship 2014 for students and youth is planned prior to the General Elections in May 2014. During this 3 week internship starting on 29 March 2014, Prof. Gowda will encourage interns who are passionate about politics and democratic development, to focus on the role of technology enabled elite, divide between educated urban middle class and rural  voters, the nature of political mobilization by candidates/parties and the changing face of media today.

Interns will gain first-hand knowledge about how an election campaign works, from the initial phase of strategizing, campaigning and finally to exit poll analysis. Interns will explore how traditional media portrayed candidates during past elections to the growing influence of various social media channels impacting larger electoral campaigns today.

The PAI will include several field-level activities such as door-to-door campaigning; explaining the vision of key MP candidates like Nandan Nilekani, Bangalore South and C. Narayanaswamy, Bangalore North to lakhs of voters;  participation in BPAC led voter awareness drives and mock parliament debates; along with manifesto analysis. Interns will be participating in brainstorming sessions and debates on whether people vote for parties or candidates, and whether urban constituencies are conducive for change in traditional politics. Experts like Nitin Pai, Head Takshashila Foundation,  Dr. Sandeep Shastri, Pro Vice Chancellor, Jain University, Harish Bijoor, Brand Consultant etc will address the interns during the internship.

The internship is a platform for encouraging citizen journalism as it also focusses on media tracking, designing and implementing visual campaigns, content generation through videography, photography and social media campaigning. Brand Experts like Harish Bijoor and  Ajit Phadnis, IIM B will address the interns focusing on political advertising, brand management  and electoral mobilization through social media. Interns will learn, interact and be responsible for generating creative content for the various campaigns and write articles on issues raising voter awareness and the nature of electoral campaigns.

This blog has been set up wherein all interns will be encouraged to write about their daily experience of participating in on-field campaigns, interaction with media and governance experts and suggestions to make the electoral process better.


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