Interns’ Experiences

A visionary extraordinaire, an interaction with Prof Babu Mathew

by Mahim Kamath

Imagine a city, our city of Bengaluru, free from the terrible water, land and garbage mafia, free from all kinds of middlemen, free from corruption! This, in a nutshell is precisely what Prof. Babu Mathew envisions for our beloved city.

Prof. Babu Mathew is a Science Graduate who went on to do his Masters in Law with specialization in Labour Law and Administrative Law, securing First Ranks in University for both the subjects, followed by an M.Phil., from the NLSIU at Bangalore. He has taught law at the University Law College, Bangalore and served as a faculty member of the National Law School for fifteen years. He was also Professor, Registrar and Chair of Juvenile Justice studies and the founder of the Centre for Child and the Law at the Law School. Being a grass-roots social activist who knows the real issues and his immense experience in the practice and teaching of Human Rights, Prof. Mathew decided to jump onto the political bandwagon, with the goal of accomplishing and achieving something that the city has been craving for long- accountable and transparent governance.



A Tryst with Politics

By Deepika Burli

Personally it never occurred to me as to how much Politics could grip my attention. I’d always been a firm believer that the field had nothing to offer me apart from the daily tamasha that the media provided. However, being a student of journalism and having set my course to pursue the same, there was always a nagging thought that I need to know a little something about every aspect of it. Politics, for the better or for the worse was one of those aspects.

Joining the Political Action Internship was, to be honest, a spontaneous decision. I had no idea what was going to happen in here, or how much I would learn, but it was one name that caught my attention- Prof. Rajeev Gowda. Having heard and read a lot about him and the internship itself, I was hoping that this would be the platform to get me the closest to Politics. (more…)

Donning the Political Mask

By Deepika Burli

Political Action Internship is where we learn that politics is not about observing only; it is all about being a part of it as much as possible. Keeping this in mind, we interns were introduced to an experience we would never forget for a very long time- the Political Action Elections. As interesting as the name sounds, this activity was a two week long one that kick started with the formation of two political parties- the Stable Table Party and the Jan Seva Party. (more…)

Indian Law: An inevitable necessity in its politics

By Guddugurki Anju Rao

A laid back layman perhaps thinks of lawyers as mere decoders of complicated laws and employers of its knowledge to win cases, or pronounce a judgement or two. He finds it good for his society, something he is mostly not circumspect about himself. This lay man needs to come across not just knowers, but imbibers of the law of the land to believe the years of hard work that can yield him profusion of confidence. In this regard, Mr. Harish is one such passionate imbiber who pours life to the phrase: you need to see it to believe it. (more…)

Behind the Tendulkar-Gavaskar Syndrome : Prof. Sandeep Shastri

 By Guddugurki Anju Rao

“We do not do opinion polls or seat projection. We only want to know why people vote the way they do, for long-term understanding of Indian society,” said Professor Sandeep Shastri, national co-ordinator of Lokniti network, National Election Studies, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies. A renowned political scientist, Mr. Shastri is also the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Jain University, Bangalore, with a vision to involve youth participation in the highly complex dynamics of the Indian election world. He spent the post-election Friday afternoon in Studio Chaape, speaking to the Political Action Interns and Prof. Rajeev Gowda, about the bigger picture behind a Congress-BJP syndrome, rather a Tendulkar-Gavaskar one, the former likely to be stumped at 99 while the latter at 190 in a metaphorical game of political cricket. (more…)

Poor Voter Turnout! Who is to blame?

By Deepika Burli

Zaina Bei, a 78 year old resident of BTM Layout, Bangalore was denied to cast her vote on the morning of 17th April. Watching her walk out of the polling booth with a slip in hand but no mark on the thumb was indeed quite puzzling; not to mention the completely confused and helpless look she wore on her face.

Volunteering for the first time at a poll booth, I was assigned for the first half of the day to urge people around the area to vote. When I approached Zaina Bei, she told me that the officials seated inside the booth had said she was ineligible to vote because she did not have her voter ID card. However, she had her AADHAR card with her and had also found her name in the voter rolls which were reasons enough for her to cast her vote. The justification on the part of the officials was evidently very unconvincing and so along with a few known to Zaina, we spoke to the officials at the booth and made clear to them the entire scenario, after which she walked out of there having voted. Even better, her cause was made so loud that other senior citizens were given the privilege to vote before the rest as well. (more…)

JANVANI 2014 voice of the people

by Zikran S
“JANVANI 2014 voice of the people”, the panel discussion event at St.Joseph’s college of arts and science was an interesting one. It was an opportunity for the us to see first-hand how representatives of various political parties would react to charges of inefficiency and corruption again them. Representatives from various political parties like JD(U), JD(S), BSP, CPI(M), AAP, BJP and INC  attended the event.



By Guddugurki Anju Rao

image (1)The chaapés wore an unsettling look to the almost movie-like scene of a political baithak. The interns left out the scorching afternoon Sun and walked into Studio Chaapé, while some of Indian National Congress’ top brass awaited the former for a one-to-one interaction. (more…)

Beyond just a punching bag : A talk with Ashwath Narayan

by Guddugurki Anju Rao

“People prefer voting for a party to its candidate, but Modi’s influence at the national level is an exceptional phenomenon,” said C.N. Ashwath Narayan, veteran BJP leader and Member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly, in the absence of his party’s MP candidate, here on Thursday. (more…)