Political Action Election 2014



Ideology and Vision: We are for a mixed economy as we share a socio-capitalist ideology to cater to socio-economic uniformity and cultural diversity. We exercise equality through bringing in balance.

The legs of the table ensure the stability as they symbolize- Infrastructure, Socio-economic reforms, Education and Sustainable development. 1) Infrastructure- Aim to put Bangalore North on par with global standards. 2) Socio-economic Reforms- To ensure better standards of living through a mixed economy system. 3) Education- Strive towards holistic development of every child. 4) Sustainable development- Through optimum utilisation of resources and creating awareness.

Check out the Stable Table Manifesto.



उन्नति सशक्ति सबके हाथ  जन सेवा हैं आपके साथ

Objective: Your Vision – Our Mission. To establish an inclusive, accountable and participative system , striking a balance between the needs of all the sections.

Check out the Jan Seva Manifesto.


Political Parties arise!


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