Rajeev Gowda internship

Jan Seva Party – Manifesto

Jan Seva Party is a fictional party formed by the Political Action Interns for the Political Action Elections 2014. This is their Manifesto.


    उन्नति सशक्ति सबके हाथ  जन सेवा हैं आपके साथ




Stable Table Party is a fictional party formed by the Political Action Interns for the Political Action Elections – 2014. This document is their manifesto.  (more…)

Beyond just a punching bag : A talk with Ashwath Narayan

by Guddugurki Anju Rao

“People prefer voting for a party to its candidate, but Modi’s influence at the national level is an exceptional phenomenon,” said C.N. Ashwath Narayan, veteran BJP leader and Member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly, in the absence of his party’s MP candidate, here on Thursday. (more…)

Candid talk: Ms Nandini Alva and Political Action Interns

A rare sight to witness- Bangalore Central MP candidates at B-PAC event

A rare sight to witness- Bangalore Central MP candidates at B-PAC event

by Abhishek Kamat

Amidst the cacophony of electoral discussions and political mud-slinging, Nandini Alva – JD(S) candidate – Central Bangalore

took some time off to interact with Political Action Interns present at the B.PAC event organised at Bharti Vidya Bhavan on Race Course road today. An unusual stunt though, Alva ensured to reach out to the interns in her most humble and approachable form.

Her constant reiteration of her agenda on women empowerment gathered enthusiastic students from the audiences to lend an ear to the rendezvous.

She discussed invariably on vocational training, entrepreneurship and the rise of small scale industries to which women must be actively involved.  According to Alva, 60% of women in India are financially dependent on either their husband or family.

Ms Nandini Alva interacts with Political Action Interns

Ms Nandini Alva interacts with Political Action Interns

She believes to convert this 60% to 0% as her agenda ensures to offer an opportunity to every woman in the city to live their life free of limitations.

Vigilant of her immediate surroundings, Alva had her discussions veered off in another direction. She began to speak on youth empowerment instead. She urged the interns to specifically participate in political activities and choose a leader who would endorse their views. “Let us all become leaders and actively participate in politics”, she said. On a positive note she also added, “Change will come to India, it is just a matter of time”.

On the contrary, the interaction was insightful and enlightened the interns of their responsibility as citizens of ‘namma Bengaluru’.

The Democratic Darwaza : An Intern’s Experience

By Guddugurki Anju Rao


Promising one’s people of a better tomorrow is easy. Using power to implement agenda for them is so as well. But the act of convincing them to believe and lend support to someone exclusively is one of the hardest tasks of political campaigns. Especially with door to door campaigning, it demands impeccable communication (more…)

For a Younger centre – Rizwan Arshad

By Guddugurki Anju Rao


“Politics does not work through lineage but the spirit of the common man,” said Rizwan Arshad, Congress’ candidate for Bangalore Central, echoing the ideology of his mentor Rahul Gandhi.  (more…)

South Bangalore Candidates meet unexpected fury

by Guddugurki Anju Rao


“I was waiting for my question to be asked, but now I am depressed about the future of Bengaluru,” said K.N.K Swami, a senior citizen of the city who was one among the hundreds of people disappointed with the unexpected disruption of Sunday’s B.PAC event at Jayanagar.

Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) hosted the presence of four South Bangalore candidates from various political parties at a forum for (more…)

Political Action Internship – My Experiences

by Neha Agarwal

I have always been fond of politics. Politics involves a lot of dynamism. It has always been a dream to know how parties work before and after elections. This dream came true with this internship.

When I came across Political Action Internship, I did not want to miss it. (more…)

Political Encounter

by Paresh Banka


MITRON (Word for FOLKS that’s in vogue among the youths these days .. Isn’t it??) !! –

Politics,  a word highly used, misused and abused by us the so called Aam Aadmi. For anything that goes wrong with the federal system or country we (me included) the so called “Buddhijivis” the pseudo – intellectual class blame it on politics but never contributing even two cents worth of effort to correct. (more…)